My journey into wedding photography began at an early age of 15. I’d always had an eye for a striking photos, and sure I enjoyed some landscape photography, but mostly enjoyed taking pictures of people. People’s faces, people’s expressions.

Where ever we went as a family, you could count on me to have my trusty camera with me, snapping funny photos at the dinner table whilst my dad had his mouth full, and making sure to also get that photo of him as he tries to tell me off right after. This was something I truly enjoyed.

Its easy to see from this how smoothly my transition into wedding photography came about! But lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

As I grew older, my skillset grew too. My parents saw my passion for photography (to be honest, how could one miss it!) and got me a starter camera for my 18th birthday which was leagues ahead of the camera I had been using so far.  But also exactly what I had wanted.

With this new piece of equipment I was able to take my technical photography skills to a new level, and really begin to explore the world of photography and the possibilities that exist.

I honestly feel that I’m very lucky in this regard, my skills grew only because of my curiosity and love towards photography. This is in my opinion the best way to get good at any skill very fast, have an unbelievable love for what you are doing, and your skillset will grow right out of that.  

My first job allowed me the chance to invest in new lenses, and more equipment and things only went up from there.

I landed my first paid photography job doing a photoshoot for a local dog walking company, and hand the chance to work several photoshoots after that with local businesses in the area.

Surprisingly, wedding photography had never actually dawned on me as being a potential career path, but I suppose my first experience photographing a wedding definitely changed that.   

A friend of the family was getting married, and their wedding photographer they hired fell through, so they reached out to see if I’d be interested in it!

I couldn’t have been happier!

I remember the wedding very clearly, and funnily enough had no nerves going into this. I knew exactly what pictures I wanted to take, and how I wanted to capture them.

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